Gudgeon (Gobio gobio)

Gudgeon (Gobio gobio) by Viridiflavus GNU Free Documentation License 24/03/10
Gudgeon (Gobio gobio) photo by Viridiflavus

Gudgeon is a common name for a number of small freshwater fishes of the families Cyprinidae, Eleotridae or Ptereleotridae. Most gudgeons are elongate, bottom-dwelling fish, many of which live in rapids and other fast moving water.

Gudgeons in the family Cyprinidae

Various cyprinid gudgeons are found in lakes and rivers throughout Europe. Most commonly gudgeon refers to Gobio gobio. This species is a rheophilic or schooling species that occurs in riverine habitats across continental Europe and the United Kingdom. G. gobio feeds on a variety of invertebrates.

Gudgeons in the family Eleotridae

Known commonly as gudgeons, many species in the family Eleotridae are also called sleeper gobies. Unlike gobies, Eleotridae gudgeons have paired ventral fins rather than a fused ventral fin. In Australia, gudgeons from the family Eleotridae are widespread and are popular for many peoples aquariums a good size for a gudgeon is 12cm or 3oz, the record gudgeon is 5 oz.

The gudgeon is a good fish to catch for beginners because it is easy to catch on maggots and fights reasonably well. The best baits for gudgeon is maggots fished near the bottom and on a small float, the gudgeon lives in most gravel pits and ponds and in many rivers.

Gudgeons in the family Ptereleotridae

Gudgeons in the family Ptereleotridae are primarily marine species and are often associated with tropical coral reefs.